myMobi Admin – Mobile Site Builder with Built-in CMS

Point and Click Mobile Site Building SoftwareInstantly Create & Update Unlimited Mobile Sites!Building mobile sites just got easier and more cost effective. No FTPing, No messy code and No plugins! This is NOT WordPress or some other bulky system. This is a hand rolled, from the ground up stand alone mobile CMS with built-in secure [...]
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Easy Mobi Builder Review

Greetings Mobile Developers and Fans! Terry Jett here. After trying out Easy Mobi Builder for a few days and loving the results I knew the world needed to know more about it! I’ve been building websites for local businesses in my area for some time now, and one of the things that is very popular […]

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JSFiddle Like Code Editor

I am forever working with code from jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap and of course jQuery plugins. Most of the time I do this on my local machine but sometimes I need to see how everything plays together on a REAL live server. So I got a hold of this JSFiddle Like Code Editor and it has […]

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Moto X Review

Christmas buyers rocked merchants this year! The swamped UPS and Amazon set a record. Google bougth Motorola and they too are rocking the world with a new smarthphone made here in the good ole USA. Checkout all the talk about the MotoX: Moto X review – Engadget Mon, 05 Aug 2013 17:19:00 GMT One […]

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Open Source Mobile Site Editor

EZ Mobi Admin Has Been Reborn & Open Source

Greetings fellow mobile developers, I have some great news for those developing and selling mobile sites: “EZ Mobi Admin” has been reborn and developed into a much simpler system. You can edit most all mobile templates with very little effort or modifications to them with this open source mobile site editor. Some time back, I […]

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The Best Mobile App Builders

I know my clients and people in general get tired of me saying “The World Has Gone Mobile, Have You?” But it is a fact and if you are not mobile ready you might as well hand out your competitions business card… It is now common place for any business to have their own mobile […]

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Android App Builder News

Let’s face the facts… iPhone is hot, but Android is hotter! Yes, of course I also build iPhone apps but Android has become the bulk of our business. Here is the latest new from the net: Android App Builder – TechRepublic Android‘s PopupMenu widget takes all of the heavy lifting out of adding popup-like menu […]

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New Google Plus Mobile Developers Community

I am excited to have officially opened a new Google Plus Community aimed at mobile developers. I live in the country of “Texas” but it does not matter where you live! The hope is that mobile developers will join up and share the tools they find useful in their own business. Many may think this […]

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Create QR Codes With URL Tracking

Want to create QR Codes with tracking and do it for free? Sure you do and all you need is a simple to use URL shortener script called “YOURLS”. One thing to note before you go any further though is you can only track URL’s with this method, but very powerful. For the WordPress lovers (I am!) […]

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Mobile Site Builder and Creator Using jQuery

My name is Terry, I am hooked on building mobile sites using  jquery and the Codiqa mobile site builder. Actually calling it Codiqa “mobile site builder” is not doing it justice. You can do so much more, like prototyping mobile apps. But it is finally time I admit to the world: I am a mobile […]

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